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Enable Google Apps Synchronization in Samsung S8000 Jet

Zaradené v Informačné technológie, napísal admin dňa 19 December, 2009

Google AppsIf you have a Samsung S8000 Jet phone, which supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and Google Apps account you could enable synchronization of Google Apps in your mobile phone.Here are the steps how I made it working:

  1. Log into your Google Apps admin account and at Dashboard enter the Mobile section. Check the Enable Google Sync checkbox and save the changes.
  2. Open Exchange ActiveSync application in your Samsung Jet and fill information in order to create an account as following: Url adress of server: User name: example (if your email is Password: password of you account at google appsDomain: Use SSL: it’s up to you, I recommend to enable it. Press Save and it will check the data and starts synchronization.
  3. By default, just e-mail sync is enabled, to enable calendar or contacts synchronization, go to Exchange ActiveSync application Settings > Calendar settings/Email settings/Contacts settings and enable/disable the sync.
  4. You can add Exchange ActiveSync widget to one of your front screens, as well.
  5. If you still have problems, it’s maybe due to the old version of firmware of your device.The mine is S8000XEII2 (October/November european firmware).
  6. You can contact me if you have any questions, maybe I’ll help you.